Jennifer Degl, Author, “From Hope to Joy”

Those closest to Jennifer describe her as stubborn, exceptionally determined, and optimistic—and Jennifer agrees with them. And those are the exact traits that pulled her through her life-threatening pregnancy, the birth of her micro preemie, and the first four months of her micro preemie’s life in the NICU.

Jennifer is a wife, secondary science teacher, and rock collector, but her favorite role is being a mom. She resides in Putnam County, NY, with her husband and four children.

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Jennifer is available to speak on a variety of topics:

  • Using a NICU Journal as Both a Weapon Against Misunderstanding and an Instrument of Healing
  • What’s Next? What Will Happen Post NICU?
  • How to Foster Positive Relationships with NICU Doctors and Nurses
  • Signs of Delayed Onset PTSD Post NICU and What Can Be Done
  • Ways to Increase Your Baby’s Lung Capacity As They Grow
  • How to Involve Young Siblings In The NICU Experience
  • How to Mentally Survive Pregnancy Induced Bed Rest
  • How to Cope With High Risk Pregnancy and Remain Optimistic
  • How To Handle 4 Months or More in the NICU
  • Dividing Time Between the NICU and Time with Other Siblings
  • Pumping For a Baby You Can’t Breastfeed