Praise for “From Hope to Joy”

“This book truly captures the emotional roller coaster families go through when they have a child in the NICU. It is an amazing story of strength, determination, love, and hope. If you do not believe in miracles now, you will after reading this book.”

—Susan Holbrook
Mother of a twenty-three week preemie

“From Hope to Joy is a riveting, awe-inspiring account of a family’s difficult and emotional journey in the birth of their daughter, Joy, seventeen weeks early. Jennifer Degl offers readers insight into the realities and challenges of a life-threatening pregnancy and birth, the hospitalization of an extremely premature newborn in the NICU, and the struggle to maintain normalcy for three young boys at home. Faced with what seems like insurmountable odds and obstacles, the family’s unwavering determination, perseverance, strength, hope and love pull them through the darkest of moments and bless them in ways they could have never imagined. We couldn’t put this book down.”

—Hailey’s Hope Foundation

From Hope to Joy is an amazing story. Jennifer skillfully created an emotional connection so the reader experiences her ups and downs as she welcomed the newest member of her family. Her will and strength were remarkable.”

—Linda Silbert, PhD
Author of Why Bad Grades Happen to Good Kids and Bessie’s Pillow


“This book is compelling. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself getting lost in the story. Jen’s determination to bring her daughter, Joy, into this world was remarkable. When you’ve finished reading, please make a donation to the nearest children’s hospital, for all the future ‘Joys.’”

—Tom Furci
Midday Host/Music Director, 100.7 WHUD


“Jennifer Degl’s From Hope to Joy is a gripping account that reminds us pregnancy can have serious consequences despite the miracles of modern medicine. And yet, through Jen’s hope of motherhood and the faith of her family and friends, readers will share her Joy.”

—Craig Osleeb MD
Mount Kisco Medical Group Allergy and Immunology


“The Degl’s personal story of emotional and physical struggle is inspirational. This book is an informal walk-through of their lives and the birth of a daughter that doctors said was impossible. The story is a sincere demonstration of “true family.” When the odds were stacked against the Degls, they survived— through faith, love, and the power of family. Their determination to deliver a healthy baby, against all odds, was unflappable. In this book, families going through similar obstacles can find answers to questions they may never have thought to ask in language they can understand. Jennifer’s journey was truly an inspiring life story.”

—Nicole Gallagher
Editorial Director for Modern Media Group


“This book exemplifies the sacrifices, love, courage, commitment, fears and triumphs inherent in bringing a new child into the world. The Degl family’s experience represents a potent dose of reality—the type that defines the human experience. A must read for both those contemplating and raising a family.”

—Marc Childs MD
Mount Kisco Medical Group Pediatrics

From Hope to Joy is a story that is capable of connecting us all, regardless of our experiences with raising a family. A mother’s love, a family’s sacrifice, and a little baby full of fight and courage are the backbone of this compelling story. It is a book that will linger in your heart long after you put it down.”

—Amanda Cerreto
Editorial Assistant at Pearson Education