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RSV, Flu and Your Newborn

Keeping Your Preemie Healthy During RSV Season (News)

National Prematurity Awareness Month (News)

PREMATURE BABIES TODAY with Dr. Edmund La Gamma of Maria Fereri Children’s Hospital

LET’S TALK WRITING- FROM HOPE TO JOY with host Vincent Dacquino



Beautiful Premature Baby Success Story (with photos, video and music)

Psychosocial Support of NICU Parents


Huffington Post Parents (What I Wanted to Say to the Woman on Bed Rest But Didn’t)

Huffington Post Parents (8 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays in the NICU)

Huffington Post Parents (5 Signs You’ve ‘Gotten Over’ Your Child’s Premature Birth and Forgiven Yourself)

Huffington Post Parents (5 Reasons Why a Premature Birth Is a Form of Loss)

Huffington Post Parents (An Open Letter to Everyone From a Micro Preemie Mom)

Huffington Post Parents (1o Things To Know If You Have A Micro Preemie)

Huffington Post Parents (An Open Letter to Preemie Parents From a Micro Preemie Mom)

Huffington Post Parents (Yes, I’m a Germaphobe, So Get Used to It! From a Mom of a Micro Preemie)

Huffington Post Parents (11 Fun Ways to Improve Your Baby’s Lung Capacity)

Huffington Post Parents (5 Ways to Brighten a NICU Mom’s Mother’s Day)

Huffington Post Parents (6 Reasons I March For Babies and Always Will)

Huffington Post Parents (On The First Day Of Christmas My Preemie Gave To Me…)



The Mighty (4 Reasons Why I Decided to Academically Redshirt My Preemie)

The Mighty (5 Things That May Help You Process Your Baby’s Premature Birth)

The Mighty (25 Words I Wish I Knew When I Became a Preemie Parent)

The Mighty (20 Things No One Tells You When You Bring Your NICU Baby Home)

The Mighty (5 Ways to Help Children Connect With Their Baby Sibling in the NICU)

The Mighty (What I Learned on the Day I Almost Lost My Daughter and My Life)

The Mighty (3 Reasons a Journal Is Essential for Parents of Preemies)



NY Parenting Magazine (Understanding Premature Births)

NY Parenting Magazine (The Micro Preemie Experience)

NY Parenting Magazine (Tiny Babies, Big Love)




My Daughter Was Born At 23 Weeks

I Hated Every Minute Of Bed Rest



Author of “From Hope to Joy” Blogs About H.R. 5182 Capitol Hill Briefing Experience 

Author of “From Hope to Joy” Blogs About S. 2041 Capitol Hill Briefing Experience 

Experts Push for S. 2041 in Congressional Briefing Held by the Newborn Health Initiative

OTHER GUEST POSTS AND PRESS (5 Reasons My Sons Are Better for Having a Preemie Sister)

Mahopac News (Mahopac Teacher’s Advocacy for Preemie Babies Continue)

Preemie Family

Advancing Care Care Magazine by Westchester Medical Center

The Book Mall 

Preemie Babies 101 (Delayed Onset PTSD?)

Mahopac News (World Prematurity Day)

Author Pins

Preemie World (page 3)

The Tiny Miracles Foundation

Westport News

Hailey’s Hope Foundation

Graham’s Foundation


Preemie Babies 101

Fairfield Patch

Broadway World Books

Books and Motherhood

Indie Author News

Mahopac News

Putnam Examiner

World Literary Cafe  (Author Spotlight)

Macaroni Kid



In this radio interview, Jennifer Degl talks about her pregnancy and delivery of baby Joy, a micro preemie, at 23 weeks.

WCXZ AM Radio (Knoxville, TN)

WXGM FM Radio (Norfolk, VA)

Life Lessons (National)

KOGA AM Radio (Ogallala, NE)

The Current (Tampa, FL)

KRLD-AM (Dallas Ft-Worth, TX)


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